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Tamara Ross (she/her) is a graduate of Okanagan College and has worked as the data manager/administrator of an independent distributed learning school, specializing in special education, for the past 5 years. The opportunity to organize and systemize the mechanical parts of the school has always excited her, and she is thrilled that the student population has more than tripled since she started. She is affectionately known as the 8-headed hydra for her ability to manage all the moving parts successfully.

While Tamara is generally most comfortable in the background making sure everything runs smoothly, the exception to this has been the time she has spent on stage. Working as an actor has allowed exploration and collaboration of characters, self, and other artists. She has seen first hand how this art form has benefitted not only the people involved with the production, but also the audience.

Tamara has been involved with theatre since she was a child, mostly on stage. Recent acting credits in Kelowna include "Savage in Limbo" - The Virago Collective; "My Time" - New Vintage Theatre’s Black Cat Cabaret

10-minute play winner, "Judith Ruins Everything", & "Calendar Girls" - New Vintage Theatre; "Crimes of the Heart"- Kelowna Actors Studio; and "The Government Inspector" - Red Dot Players to name a few.

Tamara believes strongly in supporting and facilitating local talent at a professional level. Having opportunities for artists of different genres to showcase their talents, in an

accessible, inclusive environment that recognizes them with fair compensation for their work is the next step for artists and audiences alike.

Up next for Tamara are producing and acting roles in The Virago Collective's inaugural season.

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