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The Quest for the Shakes & Quivers

September 17-19, 2021 | Salloum Room, Rotary Centre for the Arts

Part of the 2021 Kelowna International Fringe Festival

The sequel to The Tingle, a cabaret-style show, performed at the 2019 Kelowna Fringe Festival. Diva Delphine dished out more stories based on her experiences in love and relationships. ​


Directed by Megan Edwards

Written by Angela Lavender

Featuring: Delphine Litke

The Tingle 2
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Sundays in October, 2020 & 2021 | online

From the vaults of the Inner Sanctum, The Virago Collective re-imagined four spooky stories for the digital airwaves during Culture Days 2020 & 2021.


Every Sunday in October at 7pm, households tuned into The Virago Collective website to listen to old-timey radio plays performed by over 15 local actors. Audiences could also print and colour custom colouring pages by Dinosaur and Pony Studio while listening from the safety of their homes.


Directed & Edited by Angela Lavender

Featuring (in order of appearance): Craig Paynton, John Collins, Kendra Hesketh, Amy Williams, Neville Bowman, Kevin Morrison, Lia Froese, James Long, Alexander Delaney, Sarah Foss, Chris Froese, Chantal Ethier, Hollis Oorebeek, Ali Balloun, Graham Vink (piano), Elana Bizovie, Pete MacLeod, and Emily Hardy

Thank you to our show sponsors

(exp)lore Podcast | Jupiter Theatre

Kelowna Curling Club

LORA+CHRISTY Real Estate Team

Matt Gunn

Digital Radio Plays


December 2-4, 2019 | Fernando's Pub - SOLD OUT

1980-something. The Bronx. A bar.

Five characters, all thirty-two years old, on the verge of change but stuck in limbo.


From John Patrick Shanley, the writer of Doubt and Moonstruck, is a sometimes-funny, sometimes-tragic story about the desperation of our every-day lives.


Audience members experienced the story in an immersive environment, seated in the same bar in which the action takes place. Full menu and bar service available before, during, and after the show.

The show was also presented as a virtual dramatic reading August 11, 2020.


Directed by Angela Lavender

Featuring: Cory Armour, Elana Bizovie, Matt Gunn, Emily Hardy, and Tamara Ross

Savage in Limbo


September 19-22, 2019 | Kelowna Fringe Festival

This one-woman, cabaret-style fringe show debuted at the inaugural Kelowna Fringe Festival.

Examining different relationships through her life, our songstress delves into all the dirty details to describe each moment she felt 'the tingle'.

Created/directed by Angela Lavender

Featuring: Delphine Litke

The Tingle