Elana Bizovie (she/her) is a graduate of the University of Alberta, holding a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in anthropology and drama. She also holds a diploma, with distinction, in Arts & Cultural Management from MacEwan University.

Elana works at the Rotary Centre for the Arts as a Grants Coordinator/Programs Coordinator (with a focus on Culture Days planning). She also works as an actor, director, and producer for the stage and occasionally appears on-screen in local independent film projects. In 2019, Elana co-founded The Virago Collective, a small theatre company focused on connecting artists from all disciplines with the community through thoughtful creation and dialogue.

With a passion for making the arts visible, accessible, and inclusive, Elana focuses on community based solutions, through all her work, that can help support a sustainable cultural sector. She believes arts education, collaboration, and quality opportunities for both artists and the general public are essential to a healthy and vibrant community.

Most recent acting credits include: Savage in Limbo (tVC, 2019); Dracula: The Bloody Truth & In One Night (New Vintage Theatre, 2019); and XXXX (Downleft Alien Individual, 2019).

Elana is set to be on-stage in three community productions in Spring 2021, including one from The Virago Collective. She is also slated to direct one of the shows in The Virago Collective's first season - stay tuned for details!