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Schedule of our Inner Sanctum Episodes:

OCTOBER 3 - The Dead Laugh

OCTOBER 10 - The Voice on the Wire

OCTOBER 17 - The Horla

OCTOBER 24 - The Undead

Performed by local actors, these audio plays are a nod to the days when families would gather around a radio for entertainment. During COVID-19, we're bringing you a new way to safely spend time together that doesn't include staring at your screen.
Please note: while these plays are free from strong language or mature themes, they may be a bit too spooky for some!
We'll also be providing a new, themed colouring page each week by artist Lindsay Peltz of Dinosaur and Pony Studio that you can print off to fill in while you listen!
Thank you to our sponsors:
(exp)lore Podcast | Jupiter Theatre

Kelowna Curling Club

LORA+CHRISTY Real Estate Team

Matt Gunn

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