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for The Virago Collective's

SEASON ONE: EOS (Goddess of the Dawn)

Audition applications are closed as of

12pm (noon) on Thursday, October 27.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted - we look forward to seeing you.

Auditions will take place Friday, October 28 and Saturday, October 29

Callbacks will take place November 5 & 14.


- Prepare a 2 minute monologue of your choice to perform in your audition. If you are auditioning for Imaginary Friend, prepare 16-32 bars (approximately 1 minute) of song to perform. Please bring an instrumental backing track on your own device to connect to an aux cord OR you may choose to sing a-cappella. 


- No late submissions will be considered.

- All individuals who submit their interest via our submission form will receive an email from The Virago Collective confirming we have received your submission and with an audition time. If you do NOT receive a confirmation email before 11:59pm on Thursday, October 27, please connect with us via email at before 12pm (noon) on Friday, October 28. 

- Actors that our Season One - EOS directors are familiar with may be invited directly to callbacks.

- Callbacks will be held: November 5 (afternoon) and November 14 (evening).





All actors will receive an honorarium for their work. Please note, we are a non-professional company and do not offer Equity payment fees.

For inquiries about specific payment amounts, please contact



Please note that rehearsals and performances are subject to change, pending COVID-19 guidelines. During rehearsals and performances, all actors will be expected to strictly adhere to all COVID-19 guidelines as per BC Health Orders and will be required to read and sign a COVID-19 policy to help ensure the health and safety of everyone involved in the productions. Masks may be required in rehearsals, depending on team needs.


We strongly encourage IBPOC performers and those of all gender-identities, gender-expressions, abilities, disabilities, and experience to submit for consideration. Please note that character breakdowns reflect the presenting gender of the character and we therefore support and encourage non-binary individuals in submitting for these roles as per their comfort level.




Various Characters: Man, 25-45 yrs old

Various Characters: Woman, 25-45 yrs old

Rehearsals: late November 2022 - February 2023 in Kelowna

(with a break over the holiday season)

Performances: February 5-7 & 12-14, 2023 (6 evening shows)

at the BNA Tasting Room

In this comedic quintet, five couples (played by two actors) explore the delights and disappointments of their sex lives. Whether they are the first two people on Earth or the last two, modern partners with shifting needs, exes on the eve of a life-altering event, or twelfth-century pen pals, following those most natural desires uncovers truths about their humanity.

Directed by: Elana Bizovie 

Actors must be comfortable with sexual content, including discussion of sex, kissing, being touched/touching on stage. No nudity is required; however, actors must be comfortable dressing/undressing down to undergarments onstage (bras, undershirts, and shorts, depending on actor comfort level).

Man: 25-45 yrs old

plays both the man ‘helping’ the woman tell the audience a joke as well as the man IN the joke 

Woman: 25-45 yrs old

plays both the woman telling the audience a joke, as well as the woman IN the joke 

Rehearsals: late January - March 2023 in Kelowna

Performances: March 22-26, 2023 (5 evening shows, 1 matinee)

at the Black Box Theatre

A woman, with the help of a man, nervously sets out to tell us all a joke: A man walks into a bar and meets a waitress. As they begin to perform the joke for the audience, lines between the performers and characters blur and a tense and funny standoff about gender and power emerges. Ownership of the story becomes a competition as the man and woman unpack every word and movement, catching each other out on their assumptions and contradictions as they inch towards the punchline.

Directed by: Angela Lavender


Ben: Man, 50s

a travelling Canadian man who becomes enchanted with a local villager while in Santorini

Mircea: Woman, 40s-50s

a villager of Santorini who develops a relationship with a Canadian traveller

Rehearsals: late May - July 2023 in Kelowna

Performances: July 6-9, 2023 (4 evening shows)

at Meadow Vista Honey Winery

Note: additional dates may be added at other Central Okanagan wineries

Two lovers - Ben, a travelling middle-aged Canadian man, and Mircea, an enchanting villager of Santorini who inspires and beguiles him, circle each other with their words until the two begin to merge through a sensuality that is both holy and hedonistic, revealing an unearthliness which is as ancient and multilayered as myth.

Directed by: DeAnna MacArthur

Jon: Man, 40s-50s

a university professor who develops a relationship with his student, Annie, amidst a separation from his wife

Annie: Woman, 20s (character is 19)

a student who begins an intimate relationship with her much older professor

Rehearsals: late July - September 2023 in Kelowna

Performances: September 13-17, 2023 (5 evening shows, 1 matinee)

at the Black Box Theatre

Winner of the Governor General's Literary Award for English-language drama, the archetypical student-teacher romance is cleverly turned on its head, asking audiences to question their perceptions of gender dynamics and power.

Directed by: Elana Bizovie

Actors must be comfortable with sexual content, including discussion of sex, kissing, being touched/touching on stage.

Season One EOS (1).png

Rocky/Boss: Man, 25-45 yrs old

Rocky is Juliet's imaginary best friend, probably not imaginary; Boss is Mom's pervy work supervisor.


Juliet: Woman, 20s-30s

A lonely child with an absentee mom (character is 8...or 9? Maybe 11).


Mom: Woman, 30s-40s

Juliet's neurotic. overworked, single mother.


Leah: Woman, 20s-30s

Juliet's SJW sister (character is a young student).


Bridget: Woman, 20s-30s

Leah's girlfriend. Note: this role will sing as part of the ensemble and also double as the Stage Manager


Rehearsals: late May - June & September - October, 2023 in Kelowna

Performances: October 15-17 & 22-24, 2023 (6 evenings shows)

at the BNA Tasting Room

A new musical of demonic proportions about a young, lonely girl who turns to her imaginary friend for comfort, only to find something more sinister lurking. Child neglect, coming out, premeditated murder - told through song and a lens of comedy.

Directed by: Elana Bizovie

Musical Director: TBC

Jo: Woman, 20s-30s

Second born March sister. A writer, determined to be the voice of her generation. Not concerned with boys. Or men. At all.

Meg: Woman, 20s-30s

First born March sister. Responsible and motherly to her sisters, she dreams of a life of luxury with a rich husband.

Beth: Woman, 20s-30s

Third born March sister. Virtuous, weak, feeble, sick. She won't stop coughing. She dies.

Amy: Woman, 20s-30s

Fourth born March sister. She is given to pouting and being spoiled. She has a desire to 'improve' herself.

Marmee: Woman, 50s-60s

The March girls' mother. A moral role model and guiding force for her daughters while her husband is at war.

Laurie: Man, 20s-30s

The rich boy next door - he becomes like family to the March sisters, much to his dismay.

Mr. Brooke: Man, 30s-40s

Laurie's poor, but virtuous (maybe helpless?) tutor. He becomes involved with Meg.

Professor Bhaer: Man, 30s-40s

A professor that Jo meets while in New York. He helps her advance her writing, but wishes for more from her.

Mr. Lawrence: Man, 50s-60s

Laurie's grandfather and the March sister's next door neighbour.- slightly gruff, but kind.

Cloves: Man, 30s-50s

A friend of Professor Bhaer's that Jo encounters in New York.

Carl: Man, 20s-40s

The forgotten March brother.

Note: the roles of Mr. Lawrence, Cloves, and Carl may be combined and offered to one actor.

Rehearsals: late September - November, 2023 in Kelowna

Performances: November 22-26, 2023 (5 evening shows, 1 matinee)

at the Creekside Theatre, Lake Country

Jo March really thinks she could be the voice of her generation, or at least, a voice of a generation. But being a "little woman" in 1800s New England is just so hard, you know? Showing the world of the beloved March sisters through the lens of HBO's hit series Girls, Women is an hilarious, fast-paced contemporary spin on a timeless classic.

Directed by: Angela Lavender

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