The Virago Collective (tVC) is an emerging performing arts group that was formed by three Okanagan-based theatre artists in 2019.


Believing storytelling and creative expression to be vital to the heart and health of a community, tVC was born out of the desire to inspire dialogue through the thoughtful creation of theatre, crossing disciplines to collaborate with artists throughout the Okanagan in order to help connect them to each other and to wider audiences.


Aiming to challenge norms and raise community consciousness, tVC hopes to help inspire not only discussion, but action, that will enrich and enhance the community at large.



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Thanks to everyone who tuned in this October and November to hear spooky story from the Inner Sanctum! Keep your eyes on this page for updates, coming soon!


Thank you to all of the actors and musicians who were a part of this radio series and to Lindsay Peltz of Dinosaur and Pony Studio for creating custom colouring pages for each episode.


We'd also like to thank our Inner Sanctum radio play sponsors:


(exp)lore Podcast | Jupiter Theatre

Kelowna Curling Club

LORA+CHRISTY Real Estate Team

Matt Gunn

The digital radio series is presented by
The Virago Collective as a Culture Days activity.
Visit the official Culture Days website to find out more about activities in your area that celebrate arts and culture across Canada!

We all know what it feels like to meet someone new. Someone you have that instant connection with - a spark. The early stages after a first meeting and the rush of emotions that follow. The feelings of joy and ecstasy just being near them. The feeling of...the tingle.

Based on the one-woman, cabaret-style fringe show, created and directed by virago Angela Lavender and performed by Delphine Litke, you can now experience The Tingle at home!

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